AI Diagnosis: RayScan

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What is AI Diagnosis: RayScan?

The manual analysis of X-Rays and CT Scan Reports is very consuming, it is high time we use leading technologies to inflate competence. We provide a seamless online system. Our objective is to reduce the analysis period of X-Ray and CT scan, to save time and enhance efficiency in the Medical sector.

Hands-on Report Generation
AI Diagnosis: RayScan uses Artificial Intelligence and the latest technologies to provide patients rapid diagnosis reports with high accuracy.
Cloud-based Storage
We also provide cloud storage to our users where they can store all their previous reports and refer to them in the future anytime and anywhere they want.
Detailed Screening
Our screening technology has the ability to detect more than 13 lungs-diseases like Covid-19, pneumonia, etc.
Expeditious Results
Our app is embedded with modern-day technology to provide its users with accurate results in a fraction of seconds.
Easy to Analyse
Our system not just provides the diagnosis reports but also detects and marks the infected areas within the reports for easy understanding of users.

Ready to dive in?

As of now, our product is completely free and soon we'll be rolling out new features based on the user reviews. you can explore and use our product by clicking on the link below.

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